Why an engaging and knowledgeable tour director can take your trip from ordinary to extrodinary.

Educational tours are meant to be fun as well as insightful; otherwise, you’d save stay in school and attend classes. There is no point in going on a tour if you are going to have an ‘ordinary’ experience. That is why EFT has the most engaging and knowledgeable tour directors to add that extra spice to your tour experience. 

The last thing you need when on tour…

 Imagine that you are on tour in Boston and your director is just clueless about the Independence Hall or the Annapolis waterfront as you are. Wouldn’t that be disappointing? We bet it would! On the flip side, wouldn’t you be quite pleased if your tour director could answer all your questions about the U.S. Capitol Building, Boston’s Freedom Trail and perhaps the New York Harbor Cruise? Well, maybe just the important ones!

 Having an engaging and knowledgeable tour guide (which is what we offer) takes your tour to the next level. It makes your trip memorable and unique such that you will always want to go back over and over again.

Our tour directors have traveled the world. Some are even former historians, grad students or teachers just like you! This means that our TDs understand what it means to handle students. We want the parents and teachers to be able to enjoy the trip as well. You let us do all the work for you on our trips so that you can go back to being a teacher when the tour ends.

Are you interested in visiting Boston, New York or Washington D.C?

 Feel free to contact us today so that we can work out the details of our tour. We offer professional student travel services that you will not find anywhere else. What makes our travel services even better is that we do more than just bookings. We provide student groups with professional tour directors to ensure that any eventualities will be promptly taken care of. Our tour directors ensure that the students check into their hotels in time and arrive at their attractions as scheduled.

We understand that you are on tour to have fun, so we will get you the best and only the best. We want to ensure that our clients can relate to the tour director as we have found that this makes the experience personal and therefore more memorable.

 Tour directors have the power to make or ruin a trip. It all depends on how well they can relate to the students and their teachers. Some tour directors are unable to lead student travel groups because they lack the confidence to such an audience. Ours are highly trained so that you do not bother with such trivialities. It is no wonder then that we have a lot of schools coming back for return tours with us.

Are you an elementary school or high school teacher? Talk to EFT today. We are looking forward to making your travel experience a memorable one!